Why you should own a URL on your name?

Nowadays a lot of professionals are going towards owning a URL and launching a site on their name because of

Instant boost to
Professional growth

Owning a URL and launching a site on their name adds an instant boost to their professional growth


Polishes Your
professional game

Creating a website of your own personal domain polishes your professional game .


Control Over What
Others Can Find About You

Having the URL of your name gives you some control over what others can find about you.



Purchasing the URL of your NAME is a great investment especially if you have a common name.

How it works?

We enable you to book URL on your name and launch a Wordpress based blog site on this domain so that you can manage this as your our Personal Professional site.

Search a Domain

Search a domain on your Name.


Register Domain

Choose a domain which matches best to your name and get it registered before its too late.


Go live with your website

Go live with your website with registered domain and continue to stay ahead in the professional game